Environmental Policy

It is our policy at Sandar to manage our obligations to the environment in a responsible manner and to take a sustainable approach to developing our company’s business. At Sandar, we regard environmental protection as an integral and essential part of good business practise.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental quality in all of our operations and so the environmental management system in place at Sandar is independently assessed and certified to meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2008.

Our environmental policy sets outs the guidelines to which our projects are implemented. We seek to minimise significant environmental impacts of our activities through the progressive development of environmental management procedures as determined by our project needs. The environmental issues of each project are accounted for in the planning stage of each project by senior management and through training and communication staff is made aware of the issues and the environmental effects of their activities for each project.

The policy is reviewed annually with the need for any amendments considered in the light of changing circumstances.